Baiekur Hot Coils

Safe Operation
Hot coils, at maximum, reach a low 125 degrees f outside shell temperature. Unlike open flame heating this reduces the chance of accidental burns

Use Almost Anywhere
Hot coils require only low voltage and amperage to operate. No uncontrolled open flame. Safer and more environmentally friendly. Increases the areas in which the hot coils can be operated in. Also eliminates the need to have a fire watch crew standing by.

Breath a Little Easier
Operated by clean electric energy, hot coils eliminate the dangers of open flame, explosive gases and high heat hazards associated with propane. The operator is not exposed to the exhaust gasses or the burning of any coatings or oil film.

All the Angles are Covered
Hot coils can be used in horizontal, vertical or any angle in between. Regardless of the direction of the pipe run, in-position welding becomes a breeze.

Uncluttered Work Space
Hot coils only require low voltage wiring (extension cords). This eliminates high voltage electrical cable hazards in the work area.

Sized for the Job
Hot coils are available to fit standard 4, 6, 8, and 12 in. dia. pipe. This provides you with increased versatility by having the right tool in your tool box to handle any job!

Baiekur Hot Coils

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